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Bubbles 2019: Our NYC Fall Champagne Preview

Bubbles 2019: Our NYC Fall Champagne Preview

Thank you to all that could join our Fall Champagne Preview in NYC! We were thrilled to host fourteen of our growers from all over Champagne as they presented their current vintages and most recent disgorgements. We were able to share the range of our portfolio, with icons like Rodolphe Péters and Alexandre Chartogne, and … Read More

Spirits and Specters at the Plaza Hotel


Every city is full of stories, written in the architecture of its streets and buildings. Some of these stories speak to the inspiration and ingenuity inherent in building a pulsing infrastructure of steel, stone, and human interaction. Equally inherent, however, are stories of a darker subject matter. Murder, mayhem, and misconduct are the themes with … Read More

Introducing Schloss Lieser & the Haag Family: Mosel Rieslings with Complexity & Precision

Schloss Lieser 1

Schloss Lieser is known as one of the most striking buildings in the Middle Mosel. This beautiful Neo-Renaissance castle was built in 1875 for petroleum magnate Eduard Puricelli on a former church site. Clemens Freiherr von Schorlemer-Lieser, a German politician and Prussian Minister of Agriculture, married Puricelli’s daughter and sole heiress Maria Puricelli, and took … Read More