The Ninth Floor: A Spirited Tasting & After-Party!

The Ninth Floor: A Spirited Tasting & After-Party! 2

Over the past years, we have all grown: the portfolio, our extended family of suppliers, our dedicated team, our unwavering customers, and their loyal patrons. The industry as a whole has come a long way, as shown by the increasing interest in championing the little guy, brand and bar alike.

Four years ago, almost to the day, Skurnik Wines embarked on the high octane journey of craft spirits. The landscape was, and continues to be, vast. The learning curve steep. The competition seasoned and larger than life. We all had an idea of what the game was, but couldn’t truly comprehend until we dove in. And so we did…

It was our distinct pleasure to celebrate the accomplishments of our Spirits Portfolio with all of you. We truly hope you enjoyed meeting our Spirits Producers and Spirited Educators to taste the labors of their livelihoods.  Just a short time ago a seed was planted. It has now blossomed into something boozy and beautiful!