The May Price Guide: Introducing Valdespino!

The May Price Guide: Introducing Valdespino!
Skurnik Wines & Spirits could not be prouder to announce our inaugural foray into the Sherry category with one of the very highest-quality and most sought-after producers in the entire category: Valdespino!

With historical origins stretching back to the Reconquista, Valdespino’s ascent through the centuries has been anchored in their prized possession, a uniquely large holding in Macharnudo, the most renowned pago, or vineyard area, in all of Jerez. The high-quality material from this renowned site is handled with utmost care in the winery, where the firm’s truly legendary Inocente Fino bottling is fermented in cask (not just a rarity, but indeed a unique survival of this once-standard practice among larger-production cuvées from the Sherry Triangle). And with such a starting point, it’s no surprise that Valdespino’s older ‘biological’ sherries (i.e. Amontillado and Palo Cortado) are uniquely characterful and delicious, starting their lives as they do as Fino Inocente. Oxidative wines both dry and sweet (i.e. Oloroso, Cream, Pedro Ximénez, etc.) are also represented at an extremely high level of quality, and the house produces a full slate of truly precious, rare and spectacular decades-old VORS bottlings. 

After its relatively recent (in the grand scheme of things) acquisition by the Grupo Estévez in 1999, Valdespino has flourished in the 21st century with the resources not only to lavish every barrel in the winery with requisite attention to detail, but also to expand its offerings in the most sensitive and classically minded manner possible. To that end, an exciting new entry in the winery’s lineup is an unfortified dry white table wine made from Palomino grapes sourced from the Macharnudo Alto pago. It’s a chalky, Mediterranean marvel that complements the classic range of sherries perfectly.

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