Fort Hamilton

Rye Whiskey 'Single Barrel'

Rye Whiskey, 'Single Barrel', Fort Hamilton
  • Mash bill of 90% New York-grown rye and 10% New York-grown barley
  • Aged 3 years
  • Bright notes of juniper berry, spearmint, and lemon zest take the fore with an underlying structure of caramelized sugar
  • Non-chill filtered; 45% ABV


United States
New York
Spirit Type:
American Whiskey
Spirit Sub Type:

Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-XFH-01-NV 12/750ml
Half Bottle US-XFH-01-NVH 12/375ml

Tasting Notes

Fort Hamilton Single Barrel is composed of 90% New York State Rye and 10% New York State Barley, representing a mash bill that would have been similar to others at the time of the American Revolution when the Northeast was the epicenter of rye whiskey production. The distillate is barreled at 120 proof instead of 125 proof; the lower degree of alcohol contributes to Fort Hamilton’s soft, fruit-driven style. Non chill filtered with bright notes of juniper, spearmint, and lemon zest, this rye is an enjoyable sipping whiskey and also a versatile cocktailing component. 45% ABV

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