Brooklyn Kura

Nama Chozo Kimoto Junmai Sake 'Greenwood Kimoto'

Nama Chozo Kimoto Junmai Sake 'Greenwood Kimoto'

Nama Chozo Kimoto Junmai Sake Greenwood Kimoto Brooklyn Kura

Brewery: Brooklyn Kura • State: New York • Rice: Calrose with various polishing ratios  • SMV: 0 • Acidity: 2.3 • ABV: 17.4%

  • Notes of oat, and brown spices. Peppery, velvety, medium body with a dry finish. 
  • Pairs well with lighter dishes such as beet salad, caprese, and goat cheese.
  • Made in the ancient kimoto style, where rice and koji are ground into a paste to form a starter mash that picks up ambient organisms from the local environment giving the sake depth, character and acidity.
  • Named for the history cemetery located steps from the brewery, whose ambient microbes influence the sake!

The kimoto method relies on ambient organisms to build up the acidity of the starter (shubo) to a point that the yeast, to be used in fermentation, can flourish. While traditionally made by teams of workers working in tandem to grinding rice with poles, Kura has made their annual kimoto production a community event, as visitors to the brewery grind the rice themselves using sanitized rubber boots!


United States
New York
Blend - Two Rice Varieties

Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-BKK-03-NV 12/750ml