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Nama Chozo Junmai Ginjo Sake 'Occidental - Dry Hopped'

Nama Chozo Junmai Ginjo Sake 'Occidental - Dry Hopped'

Nama Chozo Junmai Ginjo Sake Occidental  Dry Hopped Brooklyn Kura
  • Brewery: Brooklyn Kura• State: New York•  Rice: Calrose rice milled to 70%  •  Yeast: n/a  •  ABV: 14% 
  • Tasting Notes: Gorgeous nose of grapefruit zest, sake pours with a beautiful rose hue, lightly honeyed character with a citrussy finish.
  • Pairs well with richer foods like burgers and onion rings, or roast pork loin.
  • Serving Temperature: Chilled
  • Named Occidental which means ‘of the West’. Brooklyn Kura has created a true American sake by steeping Citra Hops which oxidizes and gives the sake a pink hue. Aromatic with IPA-hint and a grapefruit rind and velvet smooth citrus finish.

Occidental” is a single yeast junmai. At the end of the fermentation process (post pressing), the sake is gently dry-hopped to extract the hop aroma and character. The result is a bright, aromatic (lots of tropical fruit), and dry sake that is light bodied and refreshing.


United States
New York

Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-BKK-21-NV 12/750ml