Brooklyn Kura

Brooklyn Kura '#14' Junmai Nama Ginjo Sake

Brooklyn Kura '#14' Junmai Nama Ginjo Sake

Nama Junmai Ginjo Sake 14  Brooklyn Kura

Brewery: Brooklyn Kura • State: New York • Rice: Calrose and Yamada Nishiki rice milled to 60%  • Sake Meter Value: 0 • Acidity: 1.6 • ABV: 15%

  • Light bodied, delicate structure, soft aroma of flower and apple, notes of tropical fruit
  • Serve chilled and enjoy soon after opening
  • Pairs well with lighter dishes: fresh seafood like steamed halibut and raw oyster or an array of soft cheeses.

It was on their fourteenth recipe for Junmai Ginjo that Brooklyn Kura knew they had something special: delicate and aromatic with layers of tropical fruit to explore. The “#14” is now their flagship sake and stands proudly next to some of the best sake made in Japan.



United States
New York
Calrose, Yamada Nishiki

Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-BKK-20-NV 12/750ml
Half Bottle US-BKK-20-NVH 12/375ml
Keg US-BKK-20-NVK 1/20000ml