Proof and Wood

Jamaican Pot Still Rum 'The Funk'

Jamaican Pot Still Rum, 'The Funk', Proof and Wood

Jamaican Pot Still Rum, 'The Funk', Proof and Wood
  • Traditional, high-ester heavy pot still Jamaican White Rum
  • Single-estate Jamaican molasses distilled at Worthy Park Estate (St Catherine Parish, Jamaica) by Gordon Clarke & Co; bottled in Bardstown, KY, by Proof and Wood
  • Notes of pineapple skin, gentle acidity, underripe banana, olive brine, saline, overripe mango, damp soil, and petrichor
  • 50% ABV

The Funk is a high-ester rum from the WP Estate, not unlike the flavorful pot-still rums once so popular among the British Royal Navy, full of bold tropical fruit notes and the notorious “hogo” (from haute gout) which made the island’s spirit so famous. Try using this surprisingly versatile “seasoning” rum in small quantities to increase the depth and “funk” of any rum or fruit-based cocktails. (Try adding ½ ounce to your next daiquiri!)


United States
Spirit Type:
Rum / Rhum
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Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-XPW-20-NV 12/750ml
Flasks US-XPW-20-NVR 24/200ml