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BROWN Coffee Liqueur

BROWN Coffee Liqueur

BROWN Coffee Liqueur Forthave Spirits
  • Coffee liqueur produced by Forthave Spirits in Brooklyn, New York
  • Single origin coffee beans sourced from Nicaraguan grower Don Sergio Ortez
  • Coffee beans roasted by Parlor Coffee Roasters in Brooklyn, New York
  • Produced using organic, non-GMO sugarcane spirit from Brazil
  • Utilizes both cold brew extraction and ground bean maceration in spirit
  • Sweetened with organic turbinado sugar
  • Freshly brewed coffee from nose to finish with aromas of toasted wafers, cacao, and chili pepper preceding a creamy palate brimming with brewed coffee, toasted almond, dried cherry, and milk chocolate
  • NY Farm Distillery License eligible
  • 24% ABV

Forthave’s exploration into botanical spirits turns laser-focused on a single botanical—the coffee bean— with each batch featuring a different single-origin bean sourced from a handful of growers and roasted in collaboration with a local roaster. By blending a long cold-water maceration with a spirit maceration, Forthave showcases a full spectrum of coffee bean flavors from light, bright fruit to rich umami notes.


United States
New York
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Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-XFS-04-NV 12/750ml
US-XFS-04-NVNJ 12/750ml
Half Bottle US-XFS-04-NVH 12/375ml