Charles Medley Distillery

Bourbon Medley Brothers 102 Proof

Bourbon, Medley Brothers 102 Proof, Charles Medley Distillery

Bourbon, Medley Brothers 102 Proof, Charles Medley Distillery

The Wathen-Medley family has been distilling some of Kentucky’s finest bourbon for 8 generations, beginning more than 100 years before Prohibition. Today, the company is run by the 7th and 8th generations, Sam Medley and his father and master distiller, Charles Medley. It is one of the last independent and family-owned Kentucky bourbons, as well as one of the most historic. A low-rye mash bill is used to create their Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and the recipe remains unaltered from the original.


United States
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American Whiskey
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Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-XWM-01-NV 12/750ml

Tasting Notes

Created in the 1940s by R. Wathen Medley and his four brothers (who collectively ran their family distillery), Medley Bros Kentucky Straight Bourbon stands among the finest mixing whiskies on the market. With four years’ age and a generous 102 proof, the spirit provides a serious backbone to any cocktail. The unique Medley family mash bill has remained unchanged for over a century: high-corn and high-barley, but low-rye. This is unmistakably a bourbon, and the subtle sweetness of the grains softens the edges of the high ABV; a perfect combination of history, flavor, and function. 51% ABV