Barrell Craft Spirits

Bourbon 'Foundation'

Bourbon 'Foundation'

Bourbon Foundation Barrell Craft Spirits
  • Blend of straight bourbon whiskeys sourced, blended, and bottled by Barrell Craft Spirits in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Composed of a selection of 5-, 6-, 8-, and 9-year-old straight bourbon whiskeys distilled and aged in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Maryland
  • Derived mash bill of 73% corn, 23% rye, and 4% malted barley
  • Aromas of honey, candied strawberry, brown butter, and grilled peaches precede a rich, creamy palate of maple pecan, tiramisu, citrus zest, and fennel with cinnamon, toffee, and vanilla pudding on a long, sweet finish
  • Non-chill filtered; 50% ABV

Built upon a foundation of innovative blending expertise by the Barrell Craft Spirits team, Barrell’s first continuous bourbon release is crafted to create a consistently rich and complex classic bourbon profile. Full-bodied and brimming with warm confection, Foundation maintains the BCS standard of impeccable flavor-building, offering a spirit refined enough for sipping but with a consistent flavor profile and proof that are ideal for cocktailing.


United States
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American Whiskey
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Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-XBB-09-NV 12/750ml
US-XBB-09-NVNJ 12/750ml