New Riff Distilling

Barrel Aged Gin

Barrel Aged Gin, New Riff Distilling
  • Crafted around local, foraged botanicals to reflect the gin-distilling heritage of the Ohio Valley
  • 12 botanicals in total including wild juniper, American spicebush, and Kentucky’s state flower, goldenrod
  • Botanicals distilled directly in a copper pot still
  • A small amount of new-make rye whiskey is added to enrich texture and lengthen flavor
  • Rested in first-fill New Riff bourbon barrels for 5-7 months
  • Aromas of juniper, saffron, and faint vanilla prime the palate for a warm, confectionary gin that echoes the nose with the addition of orange and sandalwood
  • Gold Medal SFWSC 2022 (Barrel Aged Gin)
  • Non-chill filtered; 47% ABV

Spicy and confectionary, this gin has the proof and profile to shine in any application! The bourbon barrel aging imparts a warming, confectionary note which draws out and balances the herbaceous notes.


United States
Spirit Type:
Gin / Genever
Spirit Sub Type:
Aged / Other

Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-XNR-31-NV 12/750ml

Tasting Notes

For this barrel-aged expression, New Riff’s 12-botanical gin is rested in first-fill New Riff bourbon barrels for five to seven months. The unique ingredient Spicebush pairs beautifully with the vanilla softness imparted by the barrels and a dry finish is given depth by lingering orange zest. New Riff Kentucky Wild Gin Bourbon Barreled works beautifully in a Gin Old Fashioned or a classic Martinez. Non-chill filtered; 47% ABV.