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Amaro MARSEILLES Forthave Spirits
  • Flagship digestivo amaro produced by Forthave Spirits in Brooklyn, New York
  • Secret 36-botanical recipe based on a historical plague-combatting elixir
  • Produced using organic, non-GMO sugarcane spirit from Brazil
  • Sweetened with three types of raw honey from an apiary in Ithaca, New York, including spring wildflower, fall wildflower, and linden honey
  • Peppermint, honey, lemon, and chamomile on the nose echo through a palate complemented by licorice, dandelion root, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and a bundle of invigorating, earthy Alpine herbs
  • NY Farm Distillery License eligible
  • 36% ABV

Named after a medieval tonic for the plague with storied origins in the city of Marseille, Forthave’s flagship amaro nods to the origins of the brand. The mythology goes: four thieves in Marseille were captured and coerced into revealing the formula of the elixir used to protect them from the plague victims they preyed upon. This “Four Thieve’s Vinegar” (likely a phonetic corruption of “Forthave’s Vinegar”) may also be known as “Marseille Vinegar” or “Marseille Remedy” and serves as the botanical inspiration for MARSEILLE Amaro. In addition to the secret botanical recipe, three types of locally sourced raw honey provide their own unique profiles—from bright and grassy to rich and robust—providing extra layers of complexity.


United States
New York
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Amaro / Digestivi / Aperitivi / Bitter

Sizes Available

Full Bottle US-XFS-03-NV 12/750ml
US-XFS-03-NVNJ 12/750ml
Half Bottle US-XFS-03-NVH 12/375ml