Brick House Wine Co.

Brick House Wine Co

Brick House Vineyards is renowned for its deep-rooted commitment to organic and biodynamic winemaking practices and its harmonious relationship with the natural world. Founded in 1990 by Melissa Mills and Doug Tunnell, this Oregon-based vineyard has become a beacon of organic and biodynamic viticulture. Their journey began with a pledge to forsake conventional herbicides and potent chemicals, resulting in the certification of their entire forty-acre estate for organic production. Today, the Demeter certified Biodynamic® farm emblem graces every bottle, symbolizing their enduring dedication to a holistic and eco-conscious way of life.

Founders Melissa Mills and Doug Tunnell share a profound connection to nature, forged during their childhoods and nurtured through careers as broadcast journalists. Melissa grew up in the pristine air of Ashland, Oregon, while Doug’s early years were spent fishing and boating near Willamette Falls. These formative experiences instilled in them an innate understanding of nature’s intricacies and fragility, inspiring their unwavering dedication to regenerative farming and winemaking. Their story embodies the enduring bond between humanity and the land.

Savannah Mills, Assistant Winemaker at Brick House Vineyards, embarked on her journey in 2013, leaving behind the corporate world in pursuit of a life attuned to nature. Captivated by the art of winemaking, she wholeheartedly embraced the craft. Following a transformative harvest in New Zealand, Savannah returned to Brick House Vineyards, where she continued to cultivate her expertise. In 2018, she assumed the role of Assistant Winemaker, leading the rosé program and production team while also crafting her own exceptional wines. Savannah’s story epitomizes the passion and commitment that define Brick House Vineyards—a place where the timeless synergy between humans and nature thrives.

Farming Practice:
Certified Biodynamic