“What would we do without the 10,000 cases of Lucignano Chianti Colli Fiorentini made each year? Every vintage, this wine gets my nod as the most consistently successful inexpensive Chianti produced in Tuscany.” – Robert Parker

The fine microclimate and unique soil characteristics surrounding the medieval town of Lucignano, located only a mile outside the western border of the Chianti Classico zone, make it without a doubt the finest cru of the Chianti appellation. Lucignano is extremely consistent in quality, achieving delicious results in every vintage.

Vineyard Management: Integrated insect and disease control is followed. Copper and sulphur-based products are used on an as-needed basis and disease and insect control are carried out only when strictly necessary. No fertilizers are used and manure is only used when the soil is ploughed before planting. Minimal use of SO2 and only when necessary.