Casanuova delle Cerbaie

The vineyards of Casanuova delle Cerbaie are located just north of Montalcino between 280 and 370 meters above sea level on soil dating back to the Eocene period of calcareous clays, marl and galestro. The prevailing south-west exposition of the vineyards both on the prestigious hill of Montosoli and surrounding the winery at Casanuova offer a particularly moderate climate, sheltered by natural barriers to the North and West.

Since the medieval times this area has been prized for vineyards, and in fact Ian d’Agata refers to it as grand cru in his book Italy’s Native Wine Grape Terroirs “Casanuova delle Cerbaie own 1.5 hectares in Montosoli’s sweet spot, and its vines were planted in 1999.” The winery was founded in the late 1970s but since 2008 it has been owned by an American investor with a passion for classically styled Montalcino wines. The vineyards are farmed according to organic protocols, though they are not certified; all fermentations are spontaneous, and all aging is done in Stocking casks from 20 – 25 hectoliters in size. Approximately 3000 cases, mostly of Brunello, are produced each year. In rare vintages, a single vineyard Montosoli Riserva is made, but it’s only happened six times in the last twenty years. Otherwise, the Brunello is a blend of fruit from the Montosoli and Casanuova holdings.