Domaine Sigalas

Sigalas is one of Greece’s finest white wine producers – in fact, a short list candidate for the best. I would like to take credit for that conclusion, but there is not much dissent here. This producer is universally acclaimed for his skill with Assyrtiko of all types – dry, barrel fermented and sweet – and I can only climb on the bandwagon. Sigalas is simply a master with this grape.”
-The Wine Advocate

Located a stone’s throw from the bustling thoroughfare of Oia, Santorini’s picture-postcard town, Paris Sigalas’ Domaine Sigalas, founded 1991, is a widely-lauded international benchmark for Santorini, the Assyrtiko variety, and top-quality contemporary Greek wine at large– its importance simply cannot be overstated. And while Sigalas’ position at the peak of mastery of full-bodied, salty, mineral Assyrtiko is assured, his restless genius finds a wide range of other outlets: he grows (and purchases from select growers) other indigenous whites like Athiri and Aidani, and has a little-known magic touch with the red Mavrotragano and Mandilaria as well. Most recently, in an unprecedented experiment, he’s even been exploring the subtle terroir variations of seven individual villages of Santorini. A true modern classic.

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic