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Rhum Agricole: Guadeloupe & Martinique

Rhum Agricole: Guadeloupe & Martinique 21

The Other 2% Rhum Agricole screams of place. Everything matters. From the type of water to the soil, from the varietal of sugercane to the unique farming practices, from the stills to the hands of people who shape this special spirit; the tradition of rhum production on Martinique and Guadalupe is purely French, with a … Read More

El Dorado Rum: A Taste of Demerara

El Dorado Rum: A Taste of Demerara 34

Getting there was a challenge – there were late night flights, unexpected layovers due to tropical storms, phones that fell to earth from two stories up – but when our little group of explorers finally arrived in Georgetown, Guyana to visit the world’s last Demerara distillery the trials of our journey melted away. We had … Read More

Cinco de Mayo: The Legend, the Spirits, the Party

Cinco de Mayo: The Legend, the Spirits, the Party 2

Cinco de Mayo is rapidly approaching, and the time has come to dispel some common misconceptions about the holiday (and also put to rest those college memories). Most importantly, May 5th does not commemorate Mexican Independence Day, which occurred on September 10th, 1810, 52 years prior to the events celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de … Read More

The Magical Mezcal Mystery Tour

The Magical Mezcal Mystery Tour 13

Flying into Oaxaca City, a few things catch the eye. First, snowcapped mountains surround the Oaxacan valley. Alien-shaped lenticular clouds gather en masse. And as you disembark, the agaves make their presence known immediately. The way that agave and mezcal are entrenched in this Mexican subculture is impossible to ignore: there are mezcal boutiques in … Read More