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Sotol Por Siempre, Compañia Elaboradora

Compañía Elaborada de Sotol has been distilling sotol on the high desert slopes of the Sierra Madres Mountains, in the heart of Chihuahua, Mexico, for 6 generations. The traditional Mexican spirit is now in bottle and available to the public as Sotol Por Siempre. Sotol is a unique spirit distilled from the hearts of wild-harvested sotol, or “desert spoon,” the vital desert evergreen shrub that has sustained the people of this region for thousands of years.

Spirit Type:
Agave / Sotol
Spirit Sub Type:

Tasting Notes

Unlike agave which flowers once in its life then dies, sotol will regrow with time, so long as it is cut above the roots. Harvested between 8-15 years of age, sotol distillate is produced similar to mezcal: hand harvested, fermented in open air, and double distilled in an alembic copper pot still. Notable for its raw, vegetal power and deep, damp earthy aromas – like garden soil freshly turned after the rain.  

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