Flor Del Desierto

Sotol is a spirit made in Mexico (traditionally in Chihuahua), as well as parts of the Southwestern US, from a variety of plant called the “Desert Spoon” (Family Dasylirion). The Desert Spoon is a shrub-like plant that can be harvested anywhere from 7-22 years, and unlike agave, can continue living and blooming again after harvesting. The spirit is produced in a similar way to mezcal, whereas the heart of the plant is roasted in a shallow pit oven using indigenous wood, thus imparting a smoky flavor.  This multifaceted plant/spirit has sustained the people of the region(s) for thousands of years—some say close to 10,000—finding its way into food, medicine, religious ceremonies, and both fermented & distilled beverages.  For this reason, terrior plays an important part in the finished product.

The two sotols of Flor Del Desierto represent two wildly different styles of spirit, respective to their terroir-specific origins and genetic differences in the Dasylirion plants. Flor Del Desierto desert release is made from the Dasylirion Leiophyllum variety and produced by third-generation producer Gerardo Ruelas in Coyame del Sotol. The sierra release is made by Jose Armando Fernandez Flores from Dasylirion Wheeleri grown and distilled in the Madera region of Chihuahua.  All sotol plants used in Flor del Desierto are wild-harvested and between 18-25 years of age.