Flor Del Desierto

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When 3 friends from Chihuahua, Mexico, won a baking competition with sotol as their secret ingredient, they began a quest to find the best sotol in Mexico. Their journey led them through the Coyame Desert and the Mountains of Madera. Today, Flor Del Desierto Sotol embraces 3 artisanal sotols from Maestros Gerardo Ruelas (Desierto & Cascabel) and Jose “Chito” Fernandez (Sierra). Each bottle of Flor Del Desierto Sotol brings with it parts of Northern Mexico that are uniquely Chihuahua.

Sotol is a spirit made in Mexico (traditionally in Chihuahua), as well as parts of the Southwestern US, from a variety of plant called the “Desert Spoon” (Family Dasylirion). The Desert Spoon is a shrub-like plant that can be harvested anywhere from 7-22 years, and unlike agave, can continue living and blooming again after harvesting. The spirit is produced in a similar way to mezcal, whereas the heart of the plant is roasted in a shallow pit oven using indigenous wood, thus imparting a smoky flavor.  This multifaceted plant/spirit has sustained the people of the region(s) for thousands of years—some say close to 10,000—finding its way into food, medicine, religious ceremonies, and both fermented & distilled beverages.  For this reason, terroir plays an important part in the finished product.