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Kirsch (Cherry) Eau de Vie

Kirsch (Cherry) Eau de Vie

Kirsch Cherry Eau de Vie Distillerie Mette
  • Eau-de-vie distilled in Ribeauvillé, Haut-Rhin, in the Alsace region of France
  • Distilled from Ratafia black cherries sourced from local farmers and harvested in early summer
  • Crushed and then fermented in fiberglass tanks with no additional sugar or yeast
  • Twice distilled on a Charente-style copper pot still
  • After distillation, the eau-de-vie is placed in stainless steel vats for a minimum of one year. These vats are kept in an outdoor courtyard and the opening covered in mesh so that the spirit may blow off unwanted esters and benefit from fluctuation in temperature.
  • A confectionary nose of lightly roasted coffee and cherry Pop Tarts complemented with cinnamon and nutmeg is followed by a wave of dark cherry skin; on the palate, a brief and singular note of cherry pit explodes into fresh cherry meat, blue plum, kumquat, and lingering salinity
  • 45% ABV

This is the perfect digestif for any fan of cherry pastry, pie, or cake, displaying enticing confectionary notes while remaining sprightly on the palate.


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Eau de Vie

Sizes Available

Half Bottle FR-XME-04-NVH 12/375ml