Paul Blanck Et Fils

“…their “Classiques” line-up, which are generally far above average for entry-level wines from Alsace; Blanck declassifies all of the must from their young grand cru vines into this range of wines. Even better, these inexpensive wines speak clearly of both their variety and their region, and are usually fairly dry. However even Blanck’s grand cru wines are characterized by early appeal and easy-drinking charm, and they are some of Alsace’s best food wines.” -Vinous Media, April 2015

The Paul Blanck estate traces its history in Alsace back to the 17th Century, where they produce a stunning and diverse lineup of wines from enviable parcels in the Haut-Rhin district of Alsace. Located in the village of Kientzheim, Domaine Paul Blanck produces wines that are balanced, terroir-expressive, and versatile. Owners Frédéric and Philippe Blanck farm ther vines without the use of chemicals, seeking to gain the clearest possible expression of vineyard character. From the chiseled, sumptuously mineral Schlossberg to the opulent and broad Furstentum, Blanck’s Grand Cru offerings rank with the best in the region. His single-vineyard (lieux-dits) wines from such sites as Patergarten and Rosenbourg are comparably top-flight, and his line of everyday ‘Classique’ wines  show the versatility and breadth of the Blanck range.


Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic