Distillerie Mette

Framboise Sauvage (Raspberry) Eau de Vie

Framboise Sauvage (Raspberry) Eau de Vie, Distillerie Mette

Framboise Sauvage (Raspberry) Eau de Vie, Distillerie Mette
  • Eau-de-vie distilled in Ribeauvillé, Haut-Rhin, in the Alsace region of France
  • Wild raspberries (rare in the Alsace) are sourced from a small grower in Romania; shipped to the distillery within 48 hours
  • Wild raspberries don’t have the necessary sugar for ideal fermentation, so instead, they are macerated for 6 days in twice-distilled grape eau-de-vie
  • The resulting eau-de-vie is distilled once on a Charente-style copper pot still
  • After distillation, the eau-de-vie is placed in stainless steel vats for 6–8 years. These vats are kept in an outdoor courtyard and the opening covered in mesh so that the spirit may blow off unwanted esters and benefit from fluctuation in temperature.
  • Reduced with spring water approximately one year before bottling
  • Freshly smushed raspberries and raspberry leaves are complemented by cassis & red currant on the nose. The palate displays big florality with dimensions of fresh rose petal and rose stems. These green, stemmy notes move on to the finish with subtle frangipane and pink sea salt
  • 45% ABV

Is there such a thing as an afternoon eau-de-vie? If so, this is it. Supporting floral notes make this expression an ideal pairing for tea-time cakes & sandwiches or a compelling pastry ingredient.


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Eau de Vie

Sizes Available

Half Bottle FR-XME-03-NVH 12/375ml