Dry Vermouth Routin
  • Extra dry vermouth produced by the historic Distillerie des Alpes in Chambéry, France
  • Adheres to the guidelines of the bygone Vermouth de Chambéry AOC which required production in Chambéry using real botanical macerations and grape must or sugar as a sweetener
  • 17 botanicals including wormwood, rose petals, juniper, rosemary, and bitter almond
  • Botanicals are macerated up to 4 weeks in Jacquère Vin de Savoie (AOC for wine from Savoy) before being blended with Sauvignon blanc
  • 24 g/l sugar; sweetened with non-GMO beet sugar
  • Apple, sage, orange, pineapple, and an underlying essence of Pineau des Charantes on the nose; apple and sage echo on the palate along with juniper, wormwood, and raisin, transitioning to a floral, herbaceous finish of lavender, tarragon, and cinnamon
  • 16.9% ABV

France is the birthplace of dry vermouth, and the Chambéry region in particular lays claim to Vermouth de Chambéry. Typically defined by their light, fruity, and slightly herbaceous profiles, Vermouth de Chambéry distances itself from the original, Marseillan style of dry vermouth which tends to be more mineralic and oxidized. Routin Dry exhibits all the greatest qualities of both styles and makes for a perfect apéritif or an exciting, versatile cocktail and culinary ingredient.



Sizes Available

Full Bottle FR-XVR-02-NV 12/750ml
Half Bottle FR-XVR-02-NVH 12/375ml