Cognac Borderies, 'Mizunara Cask', Cognac Park

Cognac Park is the flagship brand of Distillerie Tessendier, a Cognac house begun in 1880. Today, in its fourth generation of ownership, the Tessendier Estate maintains vineyards of more than 60 acres in the heart of one of the most exclusive growing areas of Cognac: The Borderies. Brothers and Master Blenders, Lilian and Jérôme Tessendier, expertly compose their blends with extreme attention to detail at their distillery, located in the town of Jarnac. The wines used in the distillation of Cognac Park come from four crus within the Cognac region: Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, and Fins Bois. Each year, the Tessendier family distills its Cognacs from the 3000 hectoliters of wine produced on its own estate in Borderies and buys another 40,000 hl from winemakers in the other crus, maintaining relationships that span several generations.



Tasting Notes

This limited cask edition is made of 100% Ugni Blanc grown and distilled entirely in Borderies. The eau-de-vie is aged for a total of 4 years in French oak, then finished for 6 months in 500 Liter barrels made from the highly coveted Japanese oak variety, Mizunara. These are whole, new Mizunara casks purchased directly from Japan.

The voluptuous character of Borderies-grown Ugni Blanc is contrasted beautifully by the sharp spice imparted by time in Mizunara wood. This compelling expression marks an uncommon approach to maturation in the world of Cognac and is an excellent introduction to the category for whisk(e)y-lovers.43.5% ABV


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