Ragnaud Sabourin

Maison Ragnaud Sabourin has been growing and distilling in Cognac’s premier cru, Grande Champagne, since 1850. The estate’s 35 hectares are devoted to growing 90% Ugni Blanc and 10% Folle Blanche. Soil characterized by clay & chalk with a high limestone content, combined with harsh, cold winters and hot summers, result in rich wines with profound aromas and the ideal acidity needed to created Cognacs with a long finish. Eaux-de-vie is distilled on the lees, leading to a full spirit that lends itself to a long barrel-aging process. Two-thirds of Sabourin’s Cognac is sold to négociants while one-third is kept for bottling under the family name, and different barrels are utilized for the Ragnaud Sabourin label (larger barrels lead to a less woody spirit). In addition to the eaux-de-vie produced by Sabourin today, the domaine also boasts a selection of single-vintage Cognacs dating back to pre-phyloxera vines!