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Chairman's Reserve, 'The Forgotten Casks' Rum, St. Lucia Distillers

On May 2, 2007 St. Lucia Distillers was struck by a major fire; most of the distillery was spared but much of their storage space for aging casks was lost. In the melee that followed, their cellar master, Mr. Cyril Mangal, was forced to find space for ageing casks in the most unusual places. Some of these were apparently tucked away and forgotten about, only to be recently rediscovered – and now offered as a limited release.

A blend of Coffey (column) and pot stills, the rum is a blend of juice aged from 7 – 10 years in used American oak barrels. Individual “forgotten” casks (aged 2-5) were blended together and aged as a blend for an additional 5 years to create the final product. Wonderfully intense nose of sweet raisin, sultana and hints of tobacco and vanilla from the oak. Intense palate with sweet honeyed fruit and spices giving a wonderfully complex rum.

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