Admiral Rodney

Sugarcane first arrived in St Lucia in the 1700s, with the thriving rum trade close on its heels. By the 1950s, however, most Caribbean rum producing islands had slowed their pace, and St Lucia was no exception: only two producers remained, located in Dennery & Roseau. The Barnard Family soon brought the two together, under the shared banner of St Lucia Distillers Group. The last operating distillery now remains in Roseau.

St Lucia Distillers continues to churn out stellar rums in the island’s historic style, while pursuing extensive environmental initiatives to boot. A small amount of cane is still grown locally on the island and used in rum production, but the distillery primarily works with molasses sourced from Guyana’s Demerara River.

Admiral Rodney is a range of three award-winning rums from St Lucia Distillers, named in honor of the iconic Naval strategist who broke the French line during 1782’s Battle of the Saints, ensuring British domination of the Caribbean for decades to come. The rums are produced using a traditional twin-column Coffey still, reviving the methods of the mid-19th Century, and drawn low on the plates to capture the kind of distinct characteristics which made Navy Rum so formidable. Each individual expression is crafted by St Lucia’s Master Blender, Evanus Harris.