Chairman's Reserve '1931' Rum, St. Lucia Distillers

Chairman's Reserve '1931' Rum, St. Lucia Distillers

Sugarcane first arrived in St Lucia in the 1700s, with the thriving rum trade close on its heels. By the 1950s, however, most Caribbean rum producing islands had slowed their pace, and St Lucia was no exception. The last operating distillery now remains in Roseau, uniting the island’s rums under one banner: St Lucia Distillers Group.

Chairman’s Reserve was first blended in 1999, overseen by then-Chairman Laurie Barnard. A blend of column and pot distilled rums, the line features some of St Lucia’s most beloved spirits.

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Tasting Notes

A seamless blend of Coffey and pot still rums aged from 6 to 11 years in Bourbon and Port casks, the Chairman’s Reserve Limited Edition 1931 is a tribute to the philosophy and craft established at the original Dennery distillery that eventually became part of St. Lucia Distillers. The majority of the blend comes from traditional molasses rum, while a bright, grassy character is contributed by distillate from fresh sugarcane grown in the fields adjacent to the distillery. Notes of honeyed raisins, oak, and crème caramel are followed by hints of leather, tobacco, and coffee bean.


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