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Cask Aged 3yr White Rum, El Dorado

At its peak, Guyana was home to over 300 sugar estates with distilleries, each producing their own signature rums. Today, Demerara Distillers Ltd. (the parent company of El Dorado) operates the last remaining Demerara Rum distillery, Plantation Diamond. With some of the oldest operating stills in the world, El Dorado boasts a wide-ranging line, with each rum made from a different blend of the estate’s historic stills.

Demerara River
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Tasting Notes

Notes of citrus, vanilla, coconut and banana are enhanced by deep tones of coco and dried fruit.  Smooth and round with incredible mouth feel

• 40% ABV

• A combination of rums from the modern French Savalle Still.

• Double filtered through specialized natural charcoal. Charcoal filtering removes heavy oak and dark molasses, leaving a bright medley of fresh coconut,creamy almond,with a slightly sweet citrus zest.

• Aged in whisky and bourbon casks for 3 years.

• Recommended for cocktails or sipping

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