Hans Reisetbauer

Blue Gin

Blue Gin, Hans Reisetbauer
  • Triple-distilled in a copper pot still from Mulan wheat grown in Upper Austria
  • 27 botanicals with a strong focus on Juniper are incorporated via maceration between the second and third distillation
  • Spicy and vegetal, this elegant gin is perfect for Martinis and Gin & Tonics
  • 43% ABV


Upper Austria
Spirit Type:
Gin / Genever
Spirit Sub Type:
Dry Gin

Sizes Available

Full Bottle AT-XHR-02-NV 6/750ml

Tasting Notes

Triple-distilled from estate-grown Mulan wheat, Reisetbauer Blue Gin is made with with 27 botanicals sourced from 10 countries and proofed down using Upper Austrian spring water. Blue Gin is spicy, vegetal, and one of the cleanest distillates on the market today. Dry in style and laser-focused on celebrating juniper, Blue Gin is a gin-drinker’s gin. 43% ABV