4X50 Rum

4X50 Rum

Hans Reisetbauer is widely recognized as one of the world’s great farmer-distillers, relentless in his pursuit of innovation and perfection since he began distilling in 1994. With his latest project, Austria’s preeminent master of eau-de-vie has turned his vision to one of the greatest spirits of all: rum.

A collaboration between Reisetbauer and three close friends, the core concept of For Fellows began with a desire to create a refined rum for the world’s greatest chefs to pair alongside more traditionally recognized high-end sipping spirits such as Cognac and whisky.

Using custom fermenters and stills designed collaboratively with Christian Carl Distilleries which allow multiple yeast strains to ferment at different temperatures, Reisetbauer’s rums are distilled using Fair Trade-certified molasses from a farming collective in Mauritius and soft, granite-rich Alpine spring water. This Austrian rum is ultimately blended with Caribbean rums sourced from Jamaica, Guyana, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Venezuela and aged to perfection.

“The biggest story for us,” says Hans, “is the story of taste and flavor. And we have a taste and flavor – so many different flavors – that nobody else has. It’s a rum like an extremely high-quality wine. You open the bottle, you put it in the glass, you philosophize.”

With an assemblage of rums distilled in the tradition of their countries of origin anchored by Reisetbauer’s own exceptional Austrian rum, For Fellows offers premium and everyday sipping rums that are global, contemporary, and timeless.