Yanagita Distillery

The Yanagita family has been hand crafting high quality shochu in southern Miyazaki since 1902. As a former engineer, fifth generation president Tadashi Yanagita brings a tinkerer’s sensibility and a raw enthusiasm to shochu making. He has built or improved much of the equipment they use, from filters and ramps to customizing their used pot still (something most distillers are terrified to touch). He has modified it to switch from atmospheric to vacuum pressure to create either full bodied or light and aromatic spirits, and will even adjust the steam jets to create roasted notes.

The distillery specializes in barley shochu in all its variations and subtleties. From the light, clean and aromatic “genatsu” style they originated to large flavored brews bursting with roasty and nutty flavors. Recently they have been creating delicate high proof barley shochu whose aging in Mizunara oak gives it a texture and aroma to rival the finest whiskies.

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