Yanagita Distillery

Barley Shochu, 'Koma'

Barley Shochu, 'Koma'

Barley Shochu Koma Yanagita Distillery
  • 100% locally grown 2-row barley.
  • First shochu made entirely from barley, sugars are extracted by growing koji directly on barley.
  • Slow fermentation at low temperatures before distillation.
  • Distilled once in a vacuum still (gen-atsu).

Over fifty years ago the Yanagita distillery was the first to develop a 100% barley shochu made in a low pressure vacuum still. The smooth and aromatic result is now the most popular shochu style in the world but Yanagita still produces it with considerable more hands on craftsmanship than the mass producers. The result is a refreshing spirit with light grassy notes and a smooth and buttery texture. An ideal base for a highball with soda water and a splash of lemon, simply served with ice, or mixed with yuzu sake for a refreshing, low proof cocktail.


Miyazaki Prefecture
Spirit Type:
Shochu / Soju
Spirit Sub Type:
Mugi (Barley)

Sizes Available

Full Bottle JP-XYG-01-NV 12/750ml
Alternate JP-XYG-01-NVA 12/720ml