Yanagita Distillery

Barley Shochu, 'Aokage'

Barley Shochu, 'Aokage'

Barley Shochu Aokage Yanagita Distillery

ABV: 25%
Ingredients: 100% Two-Row Barley, White Koji
Distillation: Atmospheric Pot Still (Jo-atsu)
Water: Spring water from Kirishima mountains

  • Pronounced ow-kah-gay
  • 100% locally grown 2-row barley.
  • Slow fermentation at low temperatures before distillation.
  • Koji is grown directly on barley to release sugars and umami.
  • When distilling Yanagita-san adjusts the direction of the heat entering the still to ‘toast’ the liquid inside as it moves, creating distinctive roasty notes.
  • After distillation spirit is aged in glass tanks and filtered by hand, straining the tops of tanks with custom made horsehair strainers to remove impurities but retain oils and flavor.
  • This is a dense, flavorful and aromatic spirit that drinks surprisingly light. Initial aroma of toasted sesame moves into caramel popcorn, flavor has all sweetness and bitterness of dark chocolate, but finishes dry.
  • This marries well with other spirits and can bring a distinct sesame or barley note to cocktails.


Miyazaki Prefecture
Spirit Type:
Shochu / Soju
Spirit Sub Type:
Mugi (Barley)

Sizes Available

Full Bottle JP-XYG-03-NV 12/750ml
Alternate JP-XYG-03-NVA 12/720ml