Yanagita Distillery

Barley Shochu 'Mizunara'

Barley Shochu, 'Mizunara', Yanagita Distillery

Barley Shochu, 'Mizunara', Yanagita Distillery

As a former engineer, Tadashi Yanagita brings a sense of precision and elegance to his family’s storied shochu distillery. They specialize in barley shochu in all its variations and subtleties, from the light clean and buttery style they originated to large flavored brews bursting with roasty and nutty flavors, to delicate high proof barley shochu whose aging in Mizunara oak gives it a texture and aroma to rival the finest whiskies.


Miyazaki Prefecture
Spirit Type:
Shochu / Soju
Spirit Sub Type:
Mugi (Barley)

Sizes Available

Full Bottle JP-XYG-02-NV 12/750ml
Alternate JP-XYG-02-NVA 12/720ml

Tasting Notes

Yanagita Distillery’s signature 100% barley shochu is aged for 1-3 years in famed Japanese Mizunara oak. The aging imparts a beautiful golden color and a silkiness to the final product that is reminiscent of fine Japanese whiskey but has the inherent koji richness and umami distinctive to shochu.