Lustau Brandy de Jerez

As with Cognac, the best Spanish brandies are distilled from the most neutral base wine possible. Rather than using the more characterful local Palomino, Brandy de Jerez is made from Airen grown in La Mancha. The base wine is single distilled, in a still similar to those found in Armagnac, giving a flavourful but raw spirit. The quality depends on how carefully and how long the brandy is allowed to age. Lustau have some very old stocks of brandy, and uses the solera system to integrate this maturity with the fresh fruit of younger spirits. The Solera Reserva is aged for more than 5 years, the Solera Gran Reserva more than 10 years. The casks in which the brandy ages are 500 litre American oak butts, previously used for sherry. This contributes an extra nutty, complex flavour to the brandies.

Luis Caballero S.A., is a family-owned company based in El Puerto de Santa Maria

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