Kinshihai Brewery

Niigata boasts the most number of sake breweries in the entire country of Japan, and it’s not a surprise that the area is also one of the biggest consumers of sake as well, with many local izakaya pubs sometimes serving nothing but beer and sake. With so many local brews to choose from its a bit of a surprise that the relatively unknown sake of Kinshihai Shuzo is a favorite of the locals, Rarely found outside of Niigata in Japan, we are lucky to be able to share the brews from this singular and unpretentious brewery. The brewery itself is rooted in tradition, with many of the wooden tools and racks used in the brewery carved by the workers themselves.

Brewmaster Noboru Abe prefers to work only with locally grown rice varietals like Gohyaku-Mangoku and the unique S-3 yeast to produce soft, light and elegant sake in the great Niigata style known as tanrei-karakuchi, “light and dry”.

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