Januik Winery

Januik Winery evolved from an intense desire to create wines that are among the best anywhere. Doing this requires two things. One is having access to the best grapes available, and the other is doing things on a very small scale. Utilizing his relationships with growers throughout the Columbia Valley, Mike Januik, former winemaker at Chateau Ste. Michelle, acquires the best grapes Columbia Valley has to offer and his small production winery achieves wines of great finesse and balance.

Mike’s son Andrew Januik, who started his own label in 2011, also puts his own on some high quality Cabernet fruit. These are the essence of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon without the price tag.

“Nobody in Washington State delivers more outstanding quality for the dollar than Januik Winery…unlike many of his winemaking brethren with much less to hang their hats on, Januik is not egocentric, reminding me of unpretentious hard working men like Claude Dugat, Jean-Francois Coche and Olivier Humbrecht” – P.Rovani (Wine Advocate 4/22/06)