Chateau Beausejour

Château Beauséjour prides itself on the care it bestows on its vineyard. Professional horticulturists are employed to preserve the plants and vines, some of which are over 100 years old. The pruning of the vines is done in the Guyot style, and the number of vine buds is limited in order to reduce the yield. As a result, grape bunches are evenly-distributed along the trunks of the vines, thus improving the maturation and preventing the development of different forms of blight.

In 2004, Pierre and Patricia Bernault bought Château Beauséjour and settled there with their three children. Their goal: to rebuild the reputation of the Beauséjour vineyard, situated on the finest terroir of Montagne-Saint-Émilion, and produce there one of the greatest wines of the region, with the help of winemaking consultant Stephane Derenoncourt.

The vines are situated at the top of the hillside, on the south southwest-facing slope, stretching from outside the bell tower of the Montagne church to the mills of Calon. They benefit from very good chalky subsoil and a thin layer of chalky-clay soil. This is a warm terroir suitable for the maturity of the Merlot. The outstanding terroir and the low yields allow the estate to practice lutte raisonnée. That is to say that the growing methods and the vine cultivation aim to limit as much as possible the use chemical products. They are used only when no other natural solution is possible.