CARBONISTE is a dedicated producer of modern Californian sparkling wines from husband and wife duo, Dan and Jacqueline Person. Dan spent three years at Schramsberg, staged at D.R.C in 2009, and spent the past few years with Dan Petroski at Larkmead; Jacqueline a longtime and invested consultant for Naked Wines. Together, they embarked on their passion for sparkling wine and produced three flagship items: Sparkling Albariño, Extra Brut Pinot Noir Rosé, and a Pét-Nat Pinot Grigio.

In place of an homage to Champagne, CARBONISTE is a proud statement about the beauty of California’s fruit. They found that using the traditional French techniques to make sparkling wine in California didn’t quite work with their fruit. Instead, they tried to think about the best way to express the fresh, fruity flavors of, for example, Sacramento Delta Albariño, in sparkling form. What this means is that they are not a pét-nat, méthode traditionnelle, or méthode ancestrale house – each wine they produce is handled a bit differently depending on the fruit.

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