It is hard not to notice today that many wines are based on marketing, a fancy logo, and maybe a feel-good story. Though we may have a fun story and a great design, we also know that great wine starts in the vineyard, no matter the packaging. This is why our rosé is produced exclusively from Carlos Lopez de Lacalle’s family vineyards in Navarra, Spain. It is 100% Garnacha from local clones that the Lopez de Lacalle family has been farming since 1996. The principles remain the same: each can starts with the obsession for the careful cultivation of each individual vine, never using fertilizers or synthetic chemicals. The careful selection of each grape by hand. The gentle pressing by gravity to extract the juice combined with the natural transformation of native yeast evolving into delicious rosé. To further ensure quality the Lopez de Lacalle family purchased a canning line– instrumental in maintaining freshness from vine to can!

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic