Hampden Estate

White Overproof Rum

White Overproof Rum

White Overproof Rum Rum Fire
  • Traditional unaged, overproof single Jamaican rum produced by the historic Hampden Estate in Trelawny, Jamaica
  • Distilled from a blend of molasses, fermented sugarcane juice skimmings, dunder, and muck
  • Molasses fermented in cedar vats 14–20 days using airborne yeast
  • Fermented cane juice skimmings are added to the molasses along with dunder from previous distillations and muck from dunder muck pits to provide additional yeast, lower pH, and conserve liquid
  • Distilled in 5,000-liter copper pot stills
  • 550 grams per hectoliter of absolute alcohol (g/hL AA) ester count; Hampden Light Continental Flavored (HLCF) marque
  • Underripe and overripe banana, grapefruit zest, sea salt, grilled pork, and allspice arrive in waves of tropical euphoria on the nose; the palate is oily and dangerously sippable, with grilled plantain, clove, green papaya, overripe pineapple, and pink peppercorn; wood pulp, banana, and charred marshmallow ride out the long, moreish finish 
  • No added sugar, tannins, glycerin, or other additives
  • 63% ABV

Hampden Estate is one of the last remaining producers of dunder style rum which incorporates spent molasses from previous rum distillations. Dunder is responsible for the funkiest, most ester-heavy rums in the world, and its addition is a crucial contributor to the complex flavor profile displayed from nose to finish in Rum Fire. Whether sparingly incorporated into cocktails for a potent effect, or simply consumed one daiquiri at a time, this indispensable expression of a traditional 126-proof, unaged Jamaican rum is truly THE FIRE!


Trelawny Parish
Spirit Type:
Rum / Rhum
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Sizes Available

Full Bottle JM-XRF-01-NV 12/750ml
Flasks JM-XRF-01-NVR 24/200ml
JM-XRF-01-NVRCT 48/200ml