Hampden Estate

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Hampden Estate, located in Trelawny, Jamaica, on the northwest of the island, has been producing rum since the 1760’s.  Hampden Estate is world famous for producing and ONLY producing heavy pot-distilled, high ester, “DUNDER – style” rums.  Dunder is the oily, densely flavorful, highly aromatic, matter left over post distillation. This dunder is then reintroduced to the next batch of fermenting molasses similarly to a sour dough starter, or in boozy terms, “Sour Mash.”  Hampden Estate  makes a variety of rums ranging from 50-1600 esters.  These rums are sought out by distilleries worldwide who are looking for a dose of that funky goodness to liven their own distillates.  The highest ester rums are prized by the food, flavoring and perfume industries for similar reasons.  And as we know here in the USA, bars, restaurants and consumers seek out these overproof, highly aromatic rums to enhance the complexity of modern and classic cocktails.

Hampden Estates