4X50 Rum

For Fellows 4X50 Superior Rum

For Fellows 4X50 Superior Rum

For Fellows 4X50 Superior Rum
  • Aged blended rum produced by Hans Reisetbauer in Axberg, Austria
  • 82% distilled in Austria by Reisetbauer; 18% composed of rum from six Caribbean distilleries (Jamaica, Guyana, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Venezuela)
  • Reisetbauer rum is distilled in a custom Christian Carl still from Fair Trade-certified molasses sourced from a sugar-farming collective in Mauritius
  • Non-age statement; blended and rested 2 months in Pichon-Longueville Bordeaux casks; matured in 500-liter Ysper oak casks; finished in Bordeaux casks
  • Sultana raisin, white miso, and toasted coconut on the nose; a rich and oily palate highlights pear and nutmeg with faint vegetal notes; pressed sugarcane fibers, clove, and orange peel on the dry finish
  • Bottled without additives or coloring
  • 40.5% ABV

4X50 Superior Rum’s foundation of fine Austrian rum provides a refined canvas for the selections of Caribbean rum in the blend, resulting in a spirit akin to “Caribbean Cognac.”


Upper Austria
Spirit Type:
Rum / Rhum
Spirit Sub Type:

Sizes Available

Full Bottle AT-XFF-01-NV 6/750ml