El Dorado Rum

Special Reserve 25yr Rum

Special Reserve 25yr Rum

Special Reserve 25yr Rum El Dorado
  • Aged blended Demerara rum produced by Demerara Distillers Limited at Diamond Distillery, the last remaining distillery in Guyana
  • Produced in accordance with the Demerara Rum Geographical Indication
  • Column and pot still marques include rums distilled from molasses in DDL’s heritage French Savalle still (AN), Enmore wooden Coffey still (EHP), and Port Mourant wooden vat still (PM)
  • Aged minimum 25 years in ex-bourbon casks
  • Aromas of butterscotch, amaretto, crème brûlée, and jackfruit on the nose transition to a palate of vanilla, passion fruit, acai berry, and maple syrup; nutmeg, milk chocolate, and guava round out the rich finish
  • 43% ABV

Fruity and zesty despite its extensive age with a restrained thread of vanilla and caramelized sugars, El Dorado 25 Year is a masterful demonstration of exquisite balance and expert blending. Despite the minimum quarter century spent in barrel, the blend clearly speaks to DDL’s heritage stills and legacy marques.

*Please note the vintage year can be found on the box, stamped in red wax


Demerara River
Spirit Type:
Rum / Rhum
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Sizes Available

Full Bottle GY-XED-25-NV 6/750ml