Single Still Rum - Port Mourant (PM), El Dorado

Single Still Rum - Port Mourant (PM), El Dorado

At its peak, Guyana was home to over 300 sugar estates with distilleries, each producing their own signature rums. Today, Demerara Distillers Ltd. (the parent company of El Dorado) operates the last remaining Demerara Rum distillery, Plantation Diamond. With some of the oldest operating stills in the world, El Dorado boasts a wide-ranging line, with each rum made from a different blend of the estate’s historic stills.

Demerara River
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Single Barrel Rum-PM

Demerara Distillers benefits from being able to operate the last two original Wooden Pot Stills (one Single and one Double) in the world. Over 250 years old, and originally used to produce the Demerara Navy Rums in the past, they are nowadays often referred to by their old names of Demerara Vat Stills.

The Double Wooden Pot Still originated from the Port Mourant Estate, founded in 1732, and was later moved first to Uitvlught and then, in 2000, to Diamond. These two unique copper-necked Stills are valued by blenders and other experts as a source of very heavy bodied, very flavourful and deeply aromatic rums – the ancient Green Heartwood of the Still playing a major role in the development of these distinctive characteristics.

While rum from this Still is used in the blending of other El Dorado rums, the El Dorado PM Marque Single Barrel Rum is a single distillate from the Double Wooden Pot Still from the old Port Mourant Estate. 40% ABV


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