Single Still Rum - Enmore (EHP), El Dorado

Single Still Rum - Enmore (EHP), El Dorado

At its peak, Guyana was home to over 300 sugar estates with distilleries, each producing their own signature rums. Today, Demerara Distillers Ltd. (the parent company of El Dorado) operates the last remaining Demerara Rum distillery, Plantation Diamond. With some of the oldest operating stills in the world, El Dorado boasts a wide-ranging line, with each rum made from a different blend of the estate’s historic stills.

Demerara River
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The EHP Wooden Still or Wooden Continuous Coffey is the last fully working example of its kind in the world today. It is similar, if not identical, to the very first continuous still constructed and patented by an Irish excise officer, Aeneas Coffey in 1832, after whom the still was named. This Still is the original and last surviving one from the Enmore Sugar Estate founded nearly 200 years ago by Edward Henry Porter, and since 1880, it has been producing a medium bodied rum with a mild, fruity aroma. While rum from this still is used in the blending of other El Dorado rums, the El Dorado EHP Marque Single Barrel Rum is a single distillate from this venerable but highly productive still. 40% ABV


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