SG Shochu

Sweet Potato Shochu 'Imo'

Sweet Potato Shochu 'Imo'

Sweet Potato Shochu Imo SG Shochu
  • Sweet potato shochu produced in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan by Satsuma Shuzo in collaboration with SG Shochu
  • Distilled from 100% Sweet Potatoes; a blend of Koganesengan and Eimurasaki varieties
  • Koganesengan sweet potatoes, a classic variety used in shochu production, lend structure while Eimurasaki, a rare, purple sweet potato, provides distinctive aromatics
  • Locally grown sweet potatoes are transferred immediately to the distillery upon harvest
  • Saccharification is done with black koji (propagated on rice)
  • Distilled once on a stainless steel pot still
  • Rested in enamel before bottling
  • An expressive nose of white flowers, pretzel dough, and wet bark evolves into a confident palate of orange zest and toasted oats. A kiss of caramelized brown sugar touches the tongue long after the finish recedes.
  • Double Gold Medal Winner at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • 38% ABV

Few tasting experiences are as revelatory as discovering how sweet potatoes express themselves once distilled. Using two unique varieties grown in rich volcanic soil and immediately distilled upon harvest, this complex expression—with shimmering facades of floral, earthy, and sweet elements—will surprise and delight while encouraging intrepid cocktailing creativity. Use IMO as a compelling substitute for rum, tequila, or pisco in classic cocktail applications or pair effortlessly with creamy desserts.


Spirit Type:
Shochu / Soju
Spirit Sub Type:
Imo (Sweet Potato)

Sizes Available

Full Bottle JP-XSG-03-NV 6/750ml