Dönnhoff Sauvignon Blanc [Black and White Label]

Dönnhoff Sauvignon Blanc [Black and White Label]

Dönnhoff Sauvignon Blanc [Black and White Label]

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Region: Nahe
Appellation: Nahe
Vineyard: Multiple sites in Bad Kreuznach
Soil Type: Loam and limestone
Fermentation & Élevage: White Label: Fermentation and aging in stainless steel – Black Label: Fermentation and aging in neutral 500L barrel

In early 2020, just after harvest, Cornelius hired a young Kiwi named Mack to join him at the winery. Mack came highly recommended after a few vintages at other wineries, including Alzinger in the Wachau. The pandemic hit and Mack was forced to stay in Oberhäusen became very close with Cornelius. Mack decided to stay at the winery and was promoted to cellar master at this exceptional estate. Oberhäusen is a very quiet village of only 365 people, so entertainment is a little thin. Cornelius has a bit of Sauvignon Blanc planted, which he normally sells to another grower. In 2021 Mack, familiar with making wine from New Zealand’s most planted grape variety, asked Cornelius if he could make a wine. Cornelius suggested a contest; they should each make a small lot of wine in two different styles and see which wine was better.  Being a New Zealander, Mack talks a fair amount of trash and took the challenge. Cornelius’ wine was produced in the “new world” style – sedimentation after pressing, fermented in stainless steel; the wine is crisp, fruit driven and very transparent. Mack produced a version without sedimentation, pressing direct into a 500-liter neutral oak barrel. After a long fermentation, the wine was left on the full lees until bottling in the summer of 2022. The ”New World” wine, produced by Cornelius is called “Marama” (meaning light) and is the white label, under screwcap. The black label, “Pouri” (meaning darkness), reflecting the deeper, savory style was produced by Mack and bottled under cork. The labels,. which were designed by a young Kiwi artist named Dante Adams, depict the Nahe river and an abstract image of a Kiwi bird.  Each case has 3 bottles of each wine, the first artist label from Dönnhoff.  


Sauvignon Blanc

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Full Bottle DE-DHF-78-21 6/750ml